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~ Tragedy ~
Will things ever get better?

If a tragedy has left you feeling down and depressed and you feel like things will never get better, then you need to know you are not alone. It is normal to go through a period of time when you will grieve for lost friends, lost pets, a lost lover, or other personal loss.

There are positive steps you can take to deal with this. Things will get better, and things are not as hopeless as they may seem. Hopelessness is a feeling of the moment and will pass. So what can you do to get through this?

First, find someone to talk to about what you are feeling. Others are feeling the same way you do. You are a normal person under extraordinary circumstances.

Second, when you are ready, decide to make this event what motivational speaker, author, and coach Tony Robbins calls a "defining moment" in your life. Ask yourself the question "How can I turn this tragedy into something meaningful and good so that the lost one will not have been lost in vain?" If you ask yourself this question enough times you will get answers. The answers may be different for different people. Perhaps it is volunteering to help others, perhaps it is doing whatever you can to make sure others will not have to go through this. Maybe the answer for you is to help others who are having trouble coping with similar situations. There are many other answers as well. Find yours.

Third, take positive action on what you have decided will make this tragedy a "defining moment" in your life. Follow up with more action. Don't give up!

Life is a series of challenges. The most important thing is what each person does with those challenges. Use the power of the tragedy to change your life for the better. Things will get better...

Tragedy carries a tremendous power within it. Power to cause grief, power to cause mourning, power to cause sadness, and power to cause upset. It also carries power to cause closeness, power to cause reflection, and power to cause change. A tragedy can become a positive reference or a negative reference, depending on the meaning one attaches to it. The more powerful the tragedy, the more powerful the reference. Understand the tragedy and its potential power to change you for the better.

The personal loss of tragedy creates a temporary space within. This space will fill up on its own from our subconscious or we may choose consciously what we fill it with...choose wisely what you fill that space with...choose to fill it with what will work for you, not against you...

Thoughts from the Pond
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