Thoughts from the Pond

~ References of Life ~
What do you refer to when a decision must be made? The guideposts or references we gather along the way determine the choices we make. If a poor reference is holding you back, discard it and replace it with a reference that will lead you where you want to go...and one that will let you be who you want to be.

References shape who we are and how we act. We can choose to change those references and the meanings we give them, and in doing so, we change who we are, how we act, and we change our destiny!

In the encyclopedia of life, there is an abundance of experiences to draw meaning from. An unavoidable fact is that good and bad things happen in life. Another unavoidable fact is that we are free to pick and choose which events to find meaning from and we are free to pick and choose what meanings we attach to those events... we can choose our references which define our identity and who we are.

If you don't know who you are or what your true identity is then you are probably living your life as someone else and you are probably living your life by what others think you should be doing and feeling. You are also probably living your life based on what others have told you and shown you about who they think you should be. You are living your life under a set of references you may not know about or want.

Take control of who you really are by knowing where you came from, by knowing the choices you have now, and by knowing where you want to go in life. Believe in yourself and your built-in capabilities to be the visionary and the leader you are capable of being. You have these capabilities can choose which references to draw your life from.

How would you paint a picture? With no regard to color or composition? Probably not.
You would choose colors based on how you wanted the final picture to look. So paint your life with references and experiences that work for you. Paint your life as who and what you want to be, not what others say you should or should not be. The colors, or references and experiences, you choose will affect how your picture turns out. You don't have to use all the colors, or all the experiences of your life, just the ones that you choose.

If you can't find enough meaningful positive references of your own, borrow a few from others who are living life the way you want to live. Find out how they achieved what you want to achieve...find out what some of their powerful references of life are and adopt them.

Day-to-day decisions shape our destiny... References shape our day-to-day decisions... Choose your references and the meanings you give to them wisely, for they determine who you are now and what your destiny will be...

Thoughts from the Pond
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