Thoughts from the Pond

~ Possessions ~
All the wealth and money in the universe can't buy one extra second of life when death calls.

All you need is what you need when you need it. Everything else is not necessary.

The world and other people can take away all your money and all your possessions, but they can never take away you soul, your desires, your positive outlook, and your encouragement. Only you can do that.

The more "things" someone has: ...the more things there are to "get caught up in" ...the more things there are that can control you. ...the more things there are to cover up the simple truths of life

No matter how many "things" you have, the key is always to be able to see the basic important and simple things in life that make life worthwhile. Be in control of your possessions, don't let your possessions be in control of you...

True wealth is the blessings you can see in your life. True wealth is the blessings you give to others. True wealth is what you give, not what you have or get...

The most important thing financial wealth gives is the greater capacity to help others...

It is better to have few possessions and much hope than to have many things and little hope.

The one thing we "own" and have power over is our identity and our spirit. Everything else is simply on loan to us temporarily.

You cannot own that which is not yours to own.

You can have every "thing" and have nothing. You can have no "thing" and have everything! It's not "things" or possessions or situations or conditions that create happiness and fulfillment, it's attitudes and perceptions...

If given the choice between having great values or having a lot of money, it is better to have great and worthy values. It is much easier to make money than it is to make good values.

Don't let the thoughts and wishes of what you do not have hide the thankful good things you do have...often people overlook the good things they do have because they are preoccupied with what they don't have.

Thoughts from the Pond
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