Thoughts from the Pond

~ Perception ~
It's not how much you know that matters, it's how you perceive and use what you do know that makes the difference...

Many times the mind "sees" what the eyes cannot, and "hears" what the ears cannot.

Perception of failure determines your state and how you feel. Perception of success determines your state and how you feel. Perception of a problem determines your state and how you feel. Perception of yourself determines your state and how you feel... Take the same set of circumstances, and perception is the difference between someone who gets depressed about a situation and the person who gets excited about that same situation. Change your perception and you change your destiny!

A glass that is half-filled with water is actually always full: half with water and half with air, both essential ingredients to life. Be sure to look beyond initial appearances and what may seem obvious.

Often nothing is something to someone else or when viewed from a different perspective. Before you decide there is no value in something, try looking at it from a different angle.

Joy can be found in the most unjoyful of places... Happiness can be found in the unhappiest of places... Positiveness can be found in the most negative of places... Success can be found in the most unsuccessful of places... The light and the good in any situation can be found if one looks long enough...

A birthday is a milepost in life that should be exciting and not depressing because it should be a sign that shouts "I am one year smarter!"

Most things in life can be used for good or bad, for positive or negative. Electricity, water, fuel, TV, radio, computers...they all have dual possibilities. Let's add two more things to the list: your ideas and your emotions. They can be used to limit you or improve you... choose to use them for positive personal power...the choice is yours!

He or she who looks for the good in others or in life automatically finds the good in themselves. Looking for the positive in a situation forces one to look for the good in life and the good in themselves...perceive the good in others and you can perceive it in yourself.

You don't have to possess a lot of money to know truth, honesty, and integrity...these cost no money. The real cost is something which everyone has...the ability to do unto others as you would have them do unto you and a perception of what's good in the world.
A "mirage" or illusion is packed with potential power.

If someone imagines something and dismisses it as just an illusion then the power remains packed within the mirage. If someone imagines something and recognizes the possibilities it creates then the potential power is uncovered. Seek out your illusions because they could have answers you have been looking for...if you perceive them correctly.

Thoughts from the Pond
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