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~ Life ~
In your final moments of life, which will you regret most:
That you did not hate enough or that you did not love enough?
That you did not spend more time at the office,
or that you did not spend more time with family and friends?

How does one find good in a world with so much pain, so many hungry children, and so much suffering? The answer is not to try to find 'good' but to create it by helping one person at a time. Go out and create something good today!

Natural laws of physics make the world go around, but love makes the ride worthwhile...

The power of life is in the potential possibilities it presents, not in the end results of those possibilities. The power is in the seed and not in the fruit...

The cycle of the sun is like the cycle of life.
The sun must set before it can rise again.
Whenever the sun sets, it is rising somewhere else.

The things you want to get the most in life can give the most when you give them away. Love, money, caring...

Live for your successes to be and not for your "failures" that have been...

Real wealth abounds and surrounds each of us, but many eyes do not see it, perhaps because it is so close or it is obscured by less important things...

Most profound thoughts and great ideas have been thought of many times before...the real key is believing in them, having faith in them, and most important ACTING on them.

TIME = The Inevitable Master Equalizer

When the world ends is not important. What is important is that each person lives every moment true to oneself and the principles they believe in... and remember that kindness and honor leave no regrets.

Within every person there is a capacity to do or be something special...each person has a mission in life, and the desire and talent to get there is within each of us. It's just a matter of finding out who you are and what your special gifts are.

A true hero is someone who lives with integrity, honor, and love day after day...

Make tomorrow today... Lay the foundation for your tomorrow by taking action today. Don't wait for tomorrow to be happy. Find happiness today.

Never put off good, positive, and kind things until tomorrow... Never put off enjoying life until tomorrow... If it's important it deserves to be done today!

Options of life:
Success is an option.
Failure is an option.
Joy is an option.
Honesty is an option.
Love is an option.
...which options are you going to exercise today?

Sad times, good times, bad times, could times, should times, would times, the best of times, the worst of times...all the times of life offer valuable experience and opportunity. Every moment is too important to waste on the unimportant things. Make every moment count!

Life is too full of possibilities to exist as an unhappy person... Seek out your opportunities and possibilities and find that happiness you deserve!

If you concentrate on what is wrong with life, it will be difficult to enjoy what is right and good about life... If you concentrate on what is right with life, it will be a lot easier and more enjoyable to help correct what is wrong with life.

Learn from yesterday...
Take action and enjoy today...
Prepare for and look forward to tomorrow!

The ability to find and appreciate the positive and good things in life is a reflection of the positive and good things within you. When you seek out the good in life and in others, you bring out the good in you.

If you stop and get off the merry-go-round of life, you enter a world that is no longer there. It is far better to seek out and enjoy what the merry-go-round has to offer than it is to exist in a static world passed by.

Focusing too much on the details can hide the more important overall picture. Don't get so caught up in the small details of life that you cannot see and enjoy the big picture of life...

Make your life happen.
If you don't make your own life happen the way you want it to, someone else will make it happen the way they want it to. You make the call...

Live life as if it is your only life to live...because it is! Live life as if it is your chance to give your performance of a lifetime. Life itself is the opportunity we have been waiting for.

Life is decisions. If you don't make them for yourself, someone else will. Whether it is a job, a relationship, friends, or your own well-being, someone is going to decide for you if you don't decide for yourself. No one knows more about what is best for you than you do.

You get the most out of school when you go with the desire to learn. Get the most out of life by "going to life" each day with the desire to learn. Valuable lessons are all around you... you just have to open your eyes!

When walking the path of life, do not be afraid to take a path that most others do not.... A follower takes the same path most other people take... A leader makes his or her own new path.

The value of time is how you spend it. Watching the clock for five minutes is not the same as watching the sunrise or sunset...

Thoughts from the Pond
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