Thoughts from the Pond

~ Hope and Faith ~
What does the confident, enthusiastic, and happy person have that a down-and-out depressed person doesn't have? It is Hope and Faith. Hope for a bright and fulfilling future and the Faith that he or she will be able to find the way...

Faith is being able to see what you have not yet done... ,Risk is taking action based on your faith... Success is believing in your faith and risking action...

One of the most important products one can produce for oneself or others is HOPE. With hope, action, and persistence all things really are possible!

Hope to a large degree depends on what we focus on at any one moment in time. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of events going on in the world at any one moment. We can watch the news and focus on all the bad things going on in the world and conclude that life is terrible and what's the use of trying...or we can focus on what we value in life, whatever that may be, our families, our friends, our lovers, our pets, our caring...we can't control the actions of others, and many times we have no control over the events around us, but we do have control over how we act or react to them.

What is virtually weightless, has no exact form, is easily blocked, is both simple and complex, but is also one of the most powerful essentials to life in the universe? There are two answers that come to mind: light and hope.

Faith is arriving at a destination before you get there. Faith is knowing a result before you achieve it. Faith is believing something before it is proven. Have faith in yourself, and what you can achieve is almost limitless...

Hope for good things, and have faith in that hope.

Inspiration is a thought, a feeling, and a state of mind.
But inspiration is such a great force that it transcends being just thought and with the help of the person experiencing it, inspiration can be the fuel that turns visions into reality...and the impossible into the possible. Finding inspiration is like finding a high-octane or a very potent fuel. It can push you past where you thought you could go. What can get you inspired? What are you passionate about? When you find this and experience inspiration, HOPE is an automatic built-in feature.

Take a single light to the middle of a moonless night in the desert and it can be seen for miles...the power of one light is enormous...the smallest of light in the darkest of places can make the greatest of differences...

Thoughts from the Pond
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