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~ Happiness ~
A happy or successful person is not someone who is living in a certain set of circumstances, but rather someone who is living with a certain set of attitudes.

The happiness of the next moment in life is determined by the decisions and thoughts of this moment in life...happiness is a state of mind depending on what you include and exclude in your thoughts in any moment.

Recipe for Happiness:
Get a container and rinse thoroughly
Add 7 things to be thankful for
Add 3 things to be hopeful for
Take a deep breath and focus on the 10 ingredients while stirring...
Now smile!

A reporter was sent to find out what creates true happiness. Her first visit was to a wealthy man. "Why are you happy?" the reporter asked. "Why, I've got all this," he said showing her his vast pristine estate. Her second visit was to a middle-aged couple living in the suburbs. "Why are you happy?" she asked the couple. "Because we have all this," both responded, explaining that they felt lucky to have each other, and were blessed with a daughter to care for. Her last visit was to a financially poor woman in a run-down deteriorating neighborhood. "Why are you happy?" the reporter asked. The woman smiled and said, "because I have many things to be thankful for. I am alive, I have a roof over my head, and I am blessed by being able to bring up four children and watch them grow up." She pointed to a small dirt park across the street with children playing and laughing and added, "and I have all this to enjoy." Happiness is everywhere. Sometimes you just have to look around to see it.

Happy = Having A Positive Perspective (about) Yourself

Happiness is where we look to find it. Happiness is finding it where we look. Happiness is in the perspective of the beholder...

Finding peace and happiness doesn't depend on getting rid of all conflicts and problems in life...rather, finding peace and happiness depends on learning how to deal with those problems and conflicts and knowing how to rise above them to enjoy the good things.

What if: worked as if you didn't need the money? loved as if you had never been hurt? gave as if you had never been taken from?

Thoughts from the Pond
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