Thoughts from the Pond

~ Giving ~
There may be times when you are sorry for something you said... sorry you were late for something, or sorry you went too early... sorry you gained something, or sorry that you lost something... but you will never be sorry you were kind.

Forgiveness heals at least two souls...

It's the giving that's important, it's not what you get, so find someone to cheer, and you will have no regret.

What is something that anyone can do that costs nothing and can make a big difference? Answer: Offer kind words and encouragement to someone in their time of need.

Many of us will never be able to do great things in a grand way, but just as important, we all can do great things in small ways, one thing or one person at a time.

Think of one good thing about someone you dislike. If you are really courageous, express your thought to that person today.

In times of need it's more important to know someone cares rather than care about what they know or have...a financially poor person who cares is infinitely more important than a wealthy person who doesn't care.

Thank today who you may not be able to thank tomorrow... Forgive today who you may not be able to forgive tomorrow...

It is just as important to give a slice of bread to someone who is hungry as it is to donate $1,000,000 to charity...

Forgiveness of others is good experience for forgiving yourself when it may become necessary to do so...

It is impossible to give without getting...whenever you give of yourself, you automatically get something good in return.

Giving and forgiving creates character...

Make the most of your sacrifices and appreciate the sacrifices others have made for you.

Thoughts from the Pond
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