Thoughts from the Pond

~ Fear ~
Risking the chance to be "wrong" or to "fail" often yields success. Without the possibility of being wrong or failing it is doubtful that one will have a success.

If you fear something or think you cannot do something get curious about it.
Curiosity leads to thinking which leads to information which takes the "un" out of unknown and makes it known. Many fears are simply the result of not knowing something...

Fear is a call to action.
Don't be afraid of the signal of fear, rather, be afraid of not taking action...

Do not fear failure because failure is a large part of success.

Do not fear the very well could be afraid of something good.

Try not to "fear in advance" things that may not happen... use that energy to advance you in your goals and dreams.

It is possible to fear success if from your perspective success is a negative thing.

Many times we fear something because we don't understand it... understanding leads to acceptance and acceptance has the power to dissolve fear.

Sometimes laughter is more powerful than fear...if you find yourself fearing something not worthy of fear, try laughing about it.

Visualize fear as thick early morning fog... fast forward the foggy scene, with the morning sunlight becoming stronger and stronger and the foggy fear dissolving away revealing a beautiful serene pond with trees and birds... had you feared the first scene of fog, you would have been fearing something good.

Fear something based on known facts not emotion of the unknown...

Thoughts from the Pond
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