Thoughts from the Pond

~ Failure ~
Don't ever be afraid to admit that you were wrong or that you "failed". Admitting it is like saying you are wiser today than you were yesterday.

Sometimes it's the failures that make the successes possible... Sometimes it's the failures that give meaning to the successes... Sometimes it's the failures that light the way to success...

Failure provides opportunity for success...

What is the difference between the person who succeeds and the person who does not? One difference is that the person who succeeds has usually "failed" more in the past.

Failure is the price of improvement and advancement. It is better to have improved and failed than never to have improved at all...

You may be disappointed if you "fail", but you are doomed if you do not try. Today's "failures" lead to tomorrow's successes.

Do not be discouraged by apparent wrong steps...even though they appear to be steps in the wrong direction, they are steps closer to success. If you encounter a setback and cannot see the "success" or positive part of the setback, look deeper...

Think of failure as flour with some impurities of self-defeat in it. Pour the failure into a sifter and shake it until all the failed experience has passed through. Now throw the impurities left in the sifter in the trash. You now have the good essence of knowledge from the experience and have discarded the unproductive negative self-doubting aspects of failure...

The mountain of success is often built upon layers of "failure". Only when you step back and look at the mountain do you realize that without failures, it would be a smaller mountain.

...There's value in those "failures"...look for it!

An important lesson to learn is that failure is not a hole we fall into, but a ladder that helps us climb higher...

Mistakes and "failures" are valuable learning experiences wrapped in plain brown paper. You have to open the package and examine it to see the value it has. Admit your mistakes and "failures" and then examine them...learn from them and you are now wiser and better than you were before the mistake.

Let your faults help to bring out the best in you...

Thoughts from the Pond
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