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~ Destiny ~
No one knows what tomorrow will bring...
You know what tomorrow CAN bring.

Today's failure to seize the moment, take action, and "go for it" is tomorrow's regret... you have the power to shape your!

To only worry about tomorrow is to suffer while others determine your destiny... To take action on making tomorrow what you want it to be is you deciding your destiny. Which would you choose, worry or action?

Sometimes what we need is not more information or strategies, but to ACT on the information we already have. Take action and YOU create your destiny.

When the destination is ready, the path will become clear... Do what you can to ready the destination.

The shortest route from where you are now to where you want to be in life is a straight line. Decide where your straight line is, and navigate it by taking Action, Action, and Action!

Tomorrow is what you do today...

The only person who can foretell your future is you.

Let your choices and decisions, and not your situation, determine your destiny.

One cannot achieve greater heights by looking down. Unless you look up you will not know how high the mountains are or what you can achieve. Unless you look up you will not see the possibilities...

Expect that there will be forks in the road of life. When you come to one of those forks, often times the one leading to success and fulfillment will be the one less traveled.

In one way, life is can dream and see what you want your life to be before you get there. You can dream your destination before you start the journey. After you dream your destination, dream the goals that will get you there. Then, by making the goals come true, you make the destination come true.

Be your destiny!

Thoughts from the Pond
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