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~ Depression ~
When all may seem lost, that leaves all to be found...

The smallest candle of light can make the biggest difference in the darkest of places.

If it is "one of those days" where everything seems to be going wrong, and you are feeling down, depressed, and unfulfilled, remember Christopher Reeve, paralyzed from an accident for many years ... he turned adversity into meaning and purpose. What did he have that I do not have in my down and depressed state? What did he know that I don't know?

Suicide is the most profound rejection of existence and reality. What is it that the non-suicidal person has that the suicidal person does not have? It is a sense of Purpose and Hope. The suicidal person has no sense of Hope because they cannot see their Purpose in life. The Purpose is there, yet it cannot be seen. The suicidal person is not weak nor any less of a person, just someone who has temporarily wandered off their path to Purpose, and momentarily can't see their way out of the forest. Positive action destroys suicidal thoughts, just as deciding to walk in an unknown forest until you find the pathway out destroys the hopelessness of being lost. Those in a suicidal "state" need Hope. And Hope can be created by taking action and finding one's Purpose in life. Action will lead to Hope...

In every loss there is a gain.
In every negative there is a positive.
If you seek the positive in any situation, you will find it...

It doesn't matter where you are now on life's happiness scale, be it at 0 (worst) or 10 (best). The important thing which matters is that you are trying to grow and reach your goals. If you commit and try long enough, you will succeed.

Welcome and invite the really tough times because these are the times that:
...will expose who we really are
...we will learn the most about ourselves, life, and others
...will provide us the most opportunity and leverage to change and grow the most.

Two things to be depressed about can be canceled out by one act of kindness. The positive power of giving and kindness is stronger than the power of depression.

If you can make yourself open your eyes and your mind during the really tough times, you will see and understand the tremendous value and insight these "down" times offer.

No matter how dark the night may get, the stars still shine just as bright as always...

When one is down and out and depressed all may seem hopeless. There may be no apparent reasons to hope or strive for anything because the negative things overshadow everything else. To restore hope, confidence, and expectation one must call upon their minds and their creativity to envision what a really great life would be like...what does that mean to you?
...great friends
...a great career
...a great family security
...a great relationship
...a sense of purpose and meaning
...and so forth, whatever one may see as their ideal life...
Once this model life has been defined there is hope because one now knows what to hope for. And taking action! action! action! and action! toward this vision will not only get one closer to that ideal life, but action upon action will provide a sense of meaning, purpose, accomplishment, and hope before you get there... action turns hope into reality.

Ever wonder what it would be like to be truly happy?
Ever wonder what it would be like to be exactly who you want to be?
Ever wonder what it would be like to have what you really want in life?
If the answer is yes to any of the above...great! That is the first step. Never stop wondering or taking action on those ideas you are wondering about.

Confronting who you are now will help to make you who you want to be... by understanding why you are the way you are, you will be better equipped to make the changes necessary to make you who you want to be.

You can have your money taken away...
You can have you car and your home taken away...
You can have all your possessions taken away...
You can even have your life taken away...
But no one can take away your spirit, your soul, or your beliefs...they are yours to keep.

The most valuable lesson that the yesterdays of our lives have to offer is the knowledge that we have control over our lives, who we are, and who we will become. Some of us have reached this powerful conclusion through pain, suffering, and failure after failure after failure. Others may have reached that conclusion by other less painful means. The important thing is not what specific events happened in our past...the important thing is that we learn from these past events this important lesson: we do have choices and we do control our own destiny. That realization is true power and true freedom!

When times are tough and the future unclear you may ask "why have you been given such tough times?" Although there are better questions to ask in this situation, if you do ask this question, reflect with the answer "because you can handle it, you will handle it, and you will learn from it and be a better person because of it."

Many times those who are depressed have no sense of purpose. What's your purpose? If you don't know, then ask yourself "What's special about me?" and think about it... So what's so special about you? For starters, you are unique. No other person is exactly like you. You have a one of a kind story to tell. No one else can see things exactly the way you do. You have a unique purpose in life and the individual means to fulfill it. You have the capacity to do great things unique to your individual style and purpose. You are a customized creation with your own set of references, experiences, and identity.
You are the one and only you.
Make the most of it!

Depression is a temporary state, even though it may not seem like it...

Tomorrow is another day of possibility and opportunity...
Tomorrow has a way of healing the way we feel today...
Give tomorrow a chance...

Thoughts from the Pond
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