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~ Criticism ~
Criticism is like exercise.
Sometimes it's difficult and you don't like it, but it makes you stronger. Invite criticism, confront it, find the value in it, and make it your friend and ally!

When someone does wrong to you, instead of asking "why does this happen to me?", ask yourself this question: "What is going on with that person that would make them act that way?"

Treasure the best and bury the rest ...and don't let the rest bury your best!

One thing that successful, fulfilled, and happy people learn well is 'mastering criticism' that others throw at you. Once you learn how to take ANY criticism someone may give to you and turn it into something positive, you will then be able to take anything the world may throw at you and use it to get closer to your goals in life.
When someone is critical of you, ask yourself if they have a valid point. If they do, admit it, and make a positive change (you win). If you feel they don't have a valid criticism, ask why they made the may find that they see something you don't (you win). And you will have an opportunity to show that person who you really are and understand more about what motivates that person to make that criticism (you win).
Make criticism a win-win-win situation...

Many times when someone is critical of you it doesn't have anything to do with you, but everything to do with them.

Your critics, your competition, and your "enemies" are a very valuable source of information on how to improve yourself and be your best.

Go to a mirror and look into it.
You will see your worst critic.
This person can also be your best ally.
Knowing and understanding yourself and others is real wealth.

It is often easier to criticize than it is to offer a solution.
So when someone criticizes you unjustly, they are simply taking the easy way out.

It's easy to point up fault and imperfection in others...
It's much more difficult to admit fault and imperfection in yourself and then change it.

Which is more rewarding and beneficial to you, finding fault in others or improving yourself? Which will get you closer to where and who you want to be in life?

When pressure or criticism comes your way, use it to focus energy on your goals and not to undermine your efforts...

When someone tells you that you cannot do something or that you will never succeed, be sure to thank them for giving you additional motivation for succeeding. Tell them to move aside, because you don't want to run over them as you pass by on your way to succeeding.

Do not let the lack of information, the mis-information, or the ignorance of others deter you from your passion and your goals in life...don't let the pitfalls of others become yours.

One cannot climb a perilous mountain without hearing both the praise and the criticism from those on the ground. There will be those who will say you cannot make it and will try to discourage you and criticize you. And there will be those who will encourage you and support you in your effort. Accept the positive support and do not waste time and effort on the criticism unless you can gain from it.

Within the confines of your harshest critic are secrets to make you better...
and most of the time, your worst critic is yourself...

Regardless of what you do, you will always have critics. No matter what positive or generous goals you have, there will be those who will be negative and critical of you. There will be those who will seek out the negative in any situation. Your potential success will cause others to shun you and even mock you. Your success and popularity may cause others to condemn and despise you. It is up to you to ignore these negative elements and proceed full steam ahead to be the best you can be. So, to your detractors and critics, be sure to wish them a great day...they need this positive influence more than you will ever know!

When someone insults you or says something that demoralizes you, do not concern yourself with their problem...what's important is whether or not you believe what they say.

The best way to avoid criticism and rejection is to be silent, make no friends, write to no one, make no decisions, take no actions, travel nowhere, lock all the doors, close all the curtains, and stay out of sight. The alternative is to understand criticism, invite it, and use it to become the best person you can be.

Words we use when we speak, just as actions we take when we do, are reflections of who we are. Choose carefully the words you speak and the actions you take because they tell others a lot about who you are...

Sometimes the best advice you can give someone is to set a good example.

Rise above hatred.
Hate will enslave you and use you.
Hate will possess you and become your leader.
Hate is a weight that will keep you down and shackled.
Hate will turn on you and make you regret more than any other single thing.
Rise above hatred.

If there is time to criticize, there is time to help.

It is better to have disagreements over some things, because that reduces the possibility of everyone being wrong, and it increases the chance of someone having the right answer...

Let the best in others bring out the best in you...
Let the best in you bring out the best in others...
Recycle the best in everyone...the best can't be used it is shared it multiplies.

Criticism is often given because of the condition of the giver, not because of the condition of the target.

Don't accept criticism that is not yours...
refuse delivery and return to sender.

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