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~ Confidence ~
One of the most potent forces that exists is a dream or idea backed up with confidence, enthusiasm, determination, and action. The confidence, enthusiasm, and determination ensures that whatever action is necessary will be taken to succeed...

Create your own self-confidence by creating your own certainty...

One of the most powerful attributes someone can have is the absolute confidence of who they are and where they are going.

The Confidence of a Tree
Confidence in who or what you are is priceless. If you are absolutely confident about who you are, the negative opinions of others will not deter you. A tree "knows" it is a tree. If you stand next to a tree and tell it that it is a terrible tree, or that you hate it, or that it will never grow up to be a good tree, it doesn't care. It "knows" what it is, where it came from, and where it is going. If we could all have such confidence that a tree has...

Someone with an idea and rock solid confidence is one of the most potent forces there is. If you have the idea or dream but lack the confidence, one way to gain that confidence is to try over and over until you see results. If you believe with absolute certainty that trying long enough and trying different approaches will eventually lead to success, then you will have that rock solid confidence...the key is not to give up and forge ahead!

Try not to under-estimate your capabilities or over-estimate your obstacles... When you come upon an obstacle which appears too great for your capabilities, re-think the situation. Remember that the obstacle only appears too great because you have not yet found the path around it. Have confidence that you will find the path. Make it a question of when not if...

How can a magnifying glass start a fire from normal sunlight? The answer is focus. Focus is power magnification. It is the commitment and follow-through on actions that will make your destiny. Within each mind is a magnifying glass that has the capability to make you succeed if you call upon the confidence to use it!

Dare to Risk
Dare to Excel
Dare to Dream
Dare to Succeed
Dare to Accomplish
Risk the confidence to Dare to DREAM and make those DREAMS come true!

Thoughts from the Pond
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