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~ Change ~
Welcome change.
Think of change as an opportunity to see things in a new way and a gift to improve and expand who you are.

The worst of times can cause the best of change.

A person cannot become who they could become by remaining who they are now.
You cannot live your full potential by staying who you are now.

Denial is a first step to deny something you must first have a place for it in your mind's personal dictionary. To deny something is to acknowledge that it exists.

The difference between "I can't" and "I can" is a simple letter "t"...

If you can admit it, you can change it...

Four of the most powerful life changing words: I can do it!
Four even more powerful words: I must do it!

Even the smallest of change can make a big difference over time...

What does it cost to be the person you want to be?
The actual cost is some negative attitudes, some disempowering beliefs, and some restricting ideas. Trade those in as the down payment on the person that you really want to be!

The changes that are powerful and lasting are often the ones which are carved out of life, consistently, slowly, day by day.

Events by themselves do not create courage or change... It's how one reacts to events that creates courage, integrity, character, and improvement... The event is not the most important thing, how we react to the event is what counts...

Go out and change the world by example!

A small change is like a drop of water in a pond.
It starts out small, then the ripples of change expand outward affecting the whole pond, eventually reaching the shore.

Do you feel like you know a lot of good information and have some good ideas but you still feel stuck in life? Do you sometimes think you could make your dreams a reality if you would get the opportunity or a lucky break? Perhaps it's time to cash in on the investments you have made in yourself and take absolute positive action to make things happen.
Information + No Action = Information
Information + Action + Persistence = Success

It's easy to do the right thing when you feel like doing it... Success is doing the right thing when you don't feel like it or when others oppose it... success means to try until you succeed!

It's not what one knows that's what one does that counts. There comes a time when it's necessary to act on what information you have. When you feel "information overload" it is a signal that you have enough information to improve is a signal that it is time to take action.

If you think a belief may need examining, it probably does... If you think you may need a change of direction in your life, you probably do... If you think you may be happier doing something else in life, you probably would be... If you think taking some action may be good for you, it probably would be... Take action on the "mays" already know what would be good for you!

A world of difference can start with a change the size of a grain of sand. Never underestimate the power of small consistent day-to-day changes... they add up and can overcome the largest of obstacles...

Many people look into a mirror or a reflecting pond and see someone they don't like...someone they feel is not attractive, not capable, imperfect, and a failure. They wish they could improve themselves but don't believe they can. The problem is the negative within them is all they see. They don't see the good and positive within themselves and most important they don't see the capability or potential they have. They don't see their built-in abilities and therefore don't believe they have them. Realizing one's potential is a far greater step forward than the actual moment of success.

If you wait for "things to get better" or if you wait for everything to be "just right" before taking action, you will never get anywhere. Putting conditions before the action is the reverse of the true process. Taking positive action comes first because it is that positive action which makes things better...

Small actions done consistently each day can have a big impact over time... Just think of what is possible if you take huge actions each day!

Become that which you would like to be, but think you cannot be. If you do that you have accomplished two things: doing what you want to do in life and breaking through another "I can't" mental barrier.

When you energize yourself with enthusiasm, you automatically energize others. When you bring laughter to yourself, you automatically bring laughter to others. The key to changing others is to change you. Don't worry about changing someone else...just change yourself for the better and if others are ready to change, the rest will happen automatically.

Can't get any inspiration? Try taking some action. The inspiration capability is always there. Sometimes all that is needed is a jolt or jump-start to bring it to the surface...

Make it a day to exclude the disempowering thoughts, ideas, and actions that are holding you back... Make it a day to include the empowering thoughts, ideas, and actions that will move you closer to the person you want to be...

To unleash your true potential you must have the key and you must also know where the lock is. What's "locking" you down even though you feel you have the key?
Find the lock and you find your freedom...

Venture forth in life, taking in the good and positive and leaving the negative... embrace the best and leave the rest!

It is one thing to know the is much more exciting to create the future.

Many times change is a chance you should take!

Thoughts from the Pond
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