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~ Career and Work ~
You may not have the job you want at this moment in time... try to look at it as a stepping stone to get you where you want to go... look at it as an experience gathering stepping stone that you are getting paid to step on!

If you don't like where you are working, or what you are doing, and you don't know whether to look for something else, consider the entire picture... what is it costing you to work there? Happiness, fulfillment, your goals?

Don't live in fear of losing your job. Live in confidence that if this job doesn't work you will find something better.

If you lose your job, maybe a higher authority is telling you that you are not supposed to work there anymore and that you deserve something better...

Never let a lack of experience keep you from going after the job or career you really want. Everyone at one point in time was not experienced at what they do now.

When you are working, always think of it as working with others, not for others. And think of others as working with you.

Attaining skills through practice and then having the confidence to use them to the best of your ability is an unbeatable formula for success and advancement.

It doesn't take hereditary talent to do something well... It takes commitment, practice, persistence, and more practice.

Your ability or capability is not limited to your past experience. Your past experience defines what you have done...your capability is what you could do. Be defined by your true capability and not your past experience!

Increase your competence at something by raising your level of confidence about yourself. Take a moment and fortify your beliefs that you are capable and you will succeed. Change your attitude and you change your confidence...and you will raise your competence.

If effort and work have left you exhausted and discouraged because you have not seen results, then perhaps concentrated focus is the key. Pick out a part of your work, project, or goal and focus on that. Look at it like this: If you have a magnifying glass and position it correctly long enough in sunlight, you can start a fire. If you wave it around here and there, chances are you will tire yourself out and you will not start a fire...

Improve your chances of keeping your job and advancing by making yourself more valuable to your company. Find ways to add value to the work that you do.

Thoughts from the Pond
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