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Chapter 7 - The Reunion
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     "Quuuaaacccckkkkk! Quuuaaacccckkkkk!" echoes across the water as the first rays of daylight peek through the morning mist and clouds.

     "Where did that come from?"
Feathers asks, stretching her head out to see what the loud quacking was all about.

Drake, wake up," Feathers commands.

     "Is it morning yet?"
Drake asks, opening his eyes and raising his head.

     Another loud "
Quuuaaacccckkkkk! Quuuaaacccckkkkk!" fills the air.

     "I think those
quacks came from over there," Feathers says, pointing across the pond with an outstretched wing.

     Drake strains to look. "I think I see a couple of fellow ducks," he says, standing up on his webbed feet, his neck and head stretched as high as it will go.

     "I think it's
Hen and Ducky," Feathers says excitedly. "And look, there's some other guys over there next to them by the bushes. There's Lighty the lightening bug buzzing back and forth, and Malty our puppy friend jumping up and down. And there's BlueBee our bluebird friend and Rocky the raccoon. I wonder what's going on?"

     "Over there, it's our home!"
Feathers happily yells, as the morning light reveals familiar surroundings.

     "Let's go,"
Drake says as he paddles toward home with Feathers following.

     As they get closer,
Feathers yells, "Hi guys! What's up?"

     The gathering of friends comes to a complete silence as they turn and stare at
Feathers and Drake. Not a noise to be heard except for the small waves made by the paddling of webbed feet.

     Feathers and Drake slowly stop a few feet from shore and from their friends.

     The sound of rustling bushes attracts everyone's attention.

     A loud "
Quuuaaacccckkkkk!" is heard as something else familiar appears.

Mama quackers!" Feathers shouts.

Daddy quackers!" Drake yells.

     A staring contest lasts a few moments between them.

     "Well, Miss
Feathers and Mister Drake...what do you have to say for yourself?" Daddy quackers says sternly.

     "Go ahead, speak up you two,"
Mama quackers agrees.

     Feathers and Drake look at each other and then back at their parents.

     "Ummm, well, it's like this,"
Drake stumbles. "We went down to the wooden walkway bridge, and we kind of got lost."

     "Kind of got lost?"
Mama quackers asks.

Feathers answers. "We went past the wooden walkway bridge and there were these two twin boys who started throwing things at us, and everything got confused real fast."

     "We were all worried sick about you after it got dark,"
Mama quackers explains. "Your father rounded up everyone he could find to search for you two."

     "We're sorry,"
Feathers says, looking at Drake.

     "I'm sorry,"
Drake adds, "I didn't mean to cause any trouble."

     "Ok, you two,"
Mama quackers says, "there are two important things right now. The first is that you are back home and safe. Second, I want each of you to tell me what you learned from this. Feathers, you go first."

     Feathers thinks for a moment and replies, "it's not good to go where we aren't supposed to go because there are things we don't know about that can hurt us".

Drake, your turn," Daddy quackers commands.

     "Well, ummm, you tell us not to go certain places because you don't want us to get lost or hurt,"
Drake says as he looks at his sore wing.

     "And why do we do that?"
Mama quackers asks both of them.

     "Because you care about us and love us,"
Feathers responds.

     "And you want us to be safe and happy,"
Drake adds.

     "We are going to have a stern talk with you two later on, but for now, come on up here and sit for a while with us and your friends,"
Mama quackers says.

Feathers and Drake sat with Mama quackers and Daddy quackers and the new friends they had met. Everyone came away from this experience with something important. A valuable lesson had been learned that would not be forgotten.

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The Quackers Family story is included
in the Holiday Short Story Collection Book

Holiday Short Story Collection Book

A Great Gift Idea!
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