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Chapter 6 - Is This Home?
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     "Hurry!" Feathers yells to Drake as they splash, wing, and paddle their way frantically to get under the wooden walkway bridge.

     "Hold up here!"
Drake quacks as they stop under the wooden walkway bridge for a brief refuge from the wrath of the Slinky twins.

Feathers sighs, "we are safe for the moment. I don't think they can get us if we stay here."

     "They are right under us," one of the
Slinky twins says excitedly, jumping up and down on the wooden walkway bridge.

Drake lets out a long low "quuuaaacccckkkkk."

     Suddenly, a head appears upside down from the edge of the
wooden walkway bridge above. "I see them," one of the Slinky twins yells.

     Two arms come down over the edge, one with a large
stick in it. "Here ducky, ducky, ducky," the upside down Slinky twin says. He swings his arm back in an attempt to throw the stick when suddenly he loses his balance and falls into the pond with a big "spllaaasssshhhh!"

     The other
twin looks down to see him waving his arms and splashing about.

     "Help!" the panicky
twin yells, "I can't swim!"

Feathers and Drake look at each other. "Should we tell him?" Drake asks.

     "Yes, it's the right thing to do,"
Feathers responds.

     They both paddle to where the
twin is splashing. Drake yells, "Stop. Don't panic. The water is only a few feet deep. Just stand up and you will be ok."

twin calms down and sure enough, he stands up in the shallow water.

     "Hey, thanks
ducky," he says to Feathers and Drake.

Feathers replies, "do you think you could stop throwing things at us? You hit Drake's wing earlier, and you could hurt someone seriously."

     The wet
twin looks up at the wooden walkway bridge where the other twin is standing and says, "yes. We won't throw anything at you guys anymore. We didn't mean any harm. We just wanted to have some fun."

     "Try having fun that won't hurt anyone. Let's go
Drake," Feathers says and they both paddle out the other side of the wooden walkway bridge hoping to find home.

     "I can't tell where we are,"
Drake says. "It's too dark to see clearly."

     "I think I recognize that old dock,"
Feathers says, pointing a wing at the silhouette of a small dock.

Quuuaaacccckkkkk, quuuaaacccckkkkk," Feathers yells loudly, hoping to attract the attention of Mama quackers or Daddy quackers.

     "Maybe they are asleep,"
Feathers wonders as silence returns to the pond.

Feathers and Drake spend the next hour paddling up and down the pond quacking, hoping for some response from a fellow duck or from something familiar.

     "I'm tired,"
Feathers tells Drake. "I guess we should go to sleep for awhile and wait until daylight in the morning."

     "We are going to be in so much trouble, staying out all night,"
Drake laments.

     "As if we aren't in enough trouble already,"
Feathers adds.

     They paddle to shore and waddle a few feet, close to some bushes and trees.

     "This look like a good spot,"
Feathers says, and they both sit down and put their heads in their feathers to prepare for sleep.

Feathers' eyes close as she dozes. A small crackling sound startles her, and she opens her eyes for a moment. Her eyes slowly close and another sound of the night, a cricket, causes her eyes to open once again.

Drake, are you awake?" Feathers asks.

     "Now I am," he says letting out a low cranky "

     "Do you think this is where our home is?"
Feathers asks.

     "I don't know...I just don't know,"
Drake replies.

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