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Chapter 5 - Night on the Pond
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     "Crrriiiiiccccccckkkkkeeett, crrriiiiiccccccckkkkkeeett, ribbbbitt, ribbbbitt"

     The sounds of small creatures fill the night air. A half moon
lights the pond just enough so that Feathers and Drake can see where they are going.

Drake, I hope we find home soon. I'm getting scared," Feathers says.

     "Calm down. There's nothing much to be afraid of,"
Drake reassures her.

     "Nothing much? What does nothing much mean?"
Feathers asks Drake.

     "Just keep paddling. If we keep going, we are bound to run into something that looks familiar. We just have to keep trying,"
Drake assures Feathers.

     "Look, a
light in front of us, and it is heading this way," Feathers notices and starts to worry. "What is it?" she asks.

     "I don't know. But don't worry about it...yet,"
Drake says.

     The small
light approaches and then, just before it reaches them it goes out. A small voice asks, "Hi...What are you two doing out here at this time of night?"

Feathers and Drake strain to see where the voice is coming from.

     "Oh, I see it now,"
Drake says. "You're a lightening bug."

     "Yep, that's what some people call me. My real name is
Lighty. I like to think I am handy to have around, at least when you need a light," the bug says. "I have to go now, I must get home before it is time to un-light. See you later. Bye."

     "Strange little creature,"
Feathers says, as she notices how nice the water is.

water is so smooth and calm," Feathers thinks to herself.

     No sooner had she finished her thought when she is startled by a big "
spllaaasssshhhh." "Oh my, Drake!" she yells.

Feathers and Drake jump out of the water and, with wings flapping wildly, they skim across the surface of the water away from the splash and in the opposite direction they had just come from.

     A voice yells, "I almost got that
green-headed white-striped duck!"

     "No, not again,"
Drake quacks.

     "It's the
Slinky twins again!" Feathers says annoyingly. "Even at night they are on the loose and a bother."

     They paddle away a little farther, keeping out of the
Slinky twins' range.

Feathers says excitedly as she points in the direction of the splash.

     In the commotion, neither
Feathers nor Drake noticed a familiar site just ahead.

     "It's our
wooden walkway bridge!" a happy Drake confirms. "But look who's on it," says a less happy Drake, "Quuuaaacccckkkkk."

     There, standing right in the middle of the
wooden walkway bridge was the Slinky twins, both with stones in hand, seeking out any available target.

     "Doggone it,"
Feathers quacks, "how are we going to get by those pesky Slinky twins? We've got to go underneath that bridge where they are standing."

     "Let's just fly over them and be done with it,"
Drake offers.

     "I don't know about night flying,"
Feathers warns, "Mama quackers told us not to fly at night until we are older."

     "Well then, I don't know how to get past them without getting
stones thrown at us," Drake says. "We could just wait here. They have got to go home sometime."

Feathers and Drake both look at each other and say "No they don't."

     "Let's try and go slow. Maybe they won't see us,"
Drake says. "Come on, be quiet and paddle slow."

     They start toward the
wooden walkway bridge, cutting through the smooth water like a knife through hot butter.

     "Quiet now,"
Drake whispers, "just a few more feet and we will be there."

Quuuaaacccckkkkk!" Feathers yells suddenly.

Drake says, noticing that the Slinky twins are now staring and pointing at them a few feet away. "Let's get out of here!" Water splashes everywhere as wings and webbed feet frantically hit the water.

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