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Chapter 4 - Looking for Home
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     After what seemed like a long time the rain finally slowed to a light drizzle.

Drake!" Feathers quacks as she looks around for Drake. "Oh my," Feathers says, "I wonder what happened to Drake."

Feathers starts paddling around in a circle, looking side to side, hoping to see any signs of the wayward Drake.

Quuaaaaccckkk" and "rruuff, rruuff" fill the air. Feathers looks toward the pond bank and sees Drake flapping his wings at a small white puppy barking at him.

Drake...quack," Feathers yells in Drake's direction.

Drake hurries and jumps back into the pond making a big "spllaaasssshhhh."

     "Doggone it
Drake, what happened to you?" Feathers asks.

     "Hey guys," the puppy barks from the
water's edge, "come on back, I was only playing. Please, I just want someone to play with."

Feathers and Drake look at each other, then look back at the puppy.

     "Well, he looks harmless,"
Feathers says.

     "You weren't on the other end of his barking,"
Drake replies.

Feathers paddles closer to shore and Drake follows slowly.

     "Hi, I'm
Feathers and this is Drake. What's your name?" Feathers asks.

Malty. I'm just a little puppy trying to make it in this world. I just want someone to play with," the little white puppy says with a mouth-open panting smile.

Malty, we will come closer, but no barking," Feathers warns as both Feathers and Drake waddle up onto the pond bank.

     "Are you from around here?"
Drake asks.

     "Yea, sort of. I live with a family over there,"
Malty says looking in the direction of a large white house in the distance. "I wanted to come down to the pond to hunt for sticks, so I dug a hole under the fence. Every dog deserves a stick and a bone."

Drake, what's with the white stripe around your neck?" Malty asks.

     "It's just the way I am. Everyone seems to notice this darn white neck stripe,"
Drake replies.

     "Wish I knew where our home was,"
Feathers sighs.

     "Are you lost?"
Malty asks.

     "Yes. I don't have any idea which way to go either,"
Feathers says as she looks at Drake and they both let out a long low "quuuaaacccckkkkk".

sunlight was slowly going away.

     "Well, I think I should go home before someone misses me,"
Malty says. "You guys watch out for a couple of boys who like to throw things."

Feathers and Drake look at each other and sigh, "the Slinky twins," then laugh "quack, quack, quack."

     "Oh, you have met them?"
Malty asks.

     "Yes. But our problem now is how to get home...which way?"
Drake asks.

     "Well, the
Slinky twins may be a blessing in disguise," Malty notices. "They live that way," Malty says pointing down one of the two directions of the pond.

     "You're right!"
Feathers says, "Bless you Malty. That's the way to get home."

     "Well, we need to start home. Bye
Malty," Feathers says.

     "Bye guys,"
Malty says as he picks up a stick in his mouth and heads home.

Feathers and Drake hurry and jump into the water and head down the pond in the direction Malty pointed.

sunlight is almost gone and they paddle as fast as they can.

     "My aching webbed-feet,"
Feathers says.

Quuaaaccckkkk," Drake replies.

     It is now dark, and the sound of
frogs and crickets fill the air. They continue to search for anything familiar that might tell them home is near.

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