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Chapter 3 - The Big Storm
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     The rain started to fall on Feathers and Drake. The water bounced off their oily feathers and rolled down their backs. "Water off a duck's back," Drake thought.

Crraaaacccckkkkkklllllleeeeeeee!" More thunder and lightening lit up the sky.

     "Oh my,"
Feathers sighs. "Maybe we should stay here until the storm stops."

Quuuaaaccccckk," Drake mutters in a long low tone.

     "Do you think
Mama quackers is going to be mad?" Feathers asks.

     "Well, I don't think she's going to be happy,"
Drake says.

Feathers and Drake sit on the pond bank and turn their heads backwards to rest their beaks in their wing feathers.

     Moment later a rustling in the bushes startles
Feathers and Drake. A ringed animal comes out of the bushes, sees Feathers and Drake, and stops.

     "Hi, I haven't seen you two here before," the strange animal says.

Feathers, and he's Drake," she replies. "Who are you?"

     "My name is
Rocky...Rocky Raccoon," he says standing on his back legs with his two front paws looking like little hands.

     "Do you live around here?"
Feathers asks.

     "Yea, just up the
creek. Actually I live at about five different places, depending on which one has food," the crafty raccoon explains.

     "You must be new around here. One word of advice, watch out for a couple of boys running around throwing things,"
Rocky says.

     "You mean the
Slinky twins?" Drake asks, showing his bruised wing.

     "Yep, I see you have already run into them,"
Rocky snickers. "Hey Drake, what's with the white stripe around your neck? Why so formal, going to a party?" he asks whimsically.

     "Ha ha,"
Drake says. "Bet you wish you had one of these fine white neck stripes instead of that mask on your face and those rings on your tail."

raining harder now. "Got to go, you guys take care," Rocky says.

Feathers says. "Bye," Drake quacks as Rocky runs off into the bushes.

     Feathers and Drake sit down once again and put their beaks back in their wing feathers to ride out the storm.

     No sooner had they gotten comfortable than a big "
sppllllaaaaaaasssshhhhhh" happens near the edge of the pond where they are sitting.

     A voice yells out from across the
pond, "I think I almost got one of them!"

     Feathers and Drake lift their startled heads up and look across the pond and see something familiar.

     "Oh no,"
Feathers sighs, "not the Slinky twins again. One would think with this storm and all that they would go home where it's safe."

     "OK, let's go,"
Drake says to Feathers as they both get up and quickly waddle towards the water. They hop in and start paddling away down the pond. Heavy rain was now falling, and they could hardly see where they were going.

     Another "
Splllaaassshhhhh," hits nearby, but a clean miss. Feathers turns to see the Slinky twins trying to keep up, running down the bank of the pond, occasionally stopping to pick up a stick or a rock to throw at the pair of ducks.

     "Maybe we should take to the air and fly..."
Feathers suggests to Drake.

     "We would go faster and farther, but would it be closer to home or further away?"
Drake asks. Feathers takes the lead and takes off from the water. "Quack, quack," she yelps so that Drake will know to follow.

     The wind howled as the time passed. It was getting hard to fly against the wind.

Drake!" Feathers yells, "let's set down in the water and ride out the storm, I'm getting tired."

     They both swoop down and "
Splllaaassshhhhh!" They hit the water hard. They bobbed around in the choppy water and swirling wind.

raining so hard I can hardly see you," Feathers quacks out.

     "I know, I can't even see the end of my own beak!"
Drake quacks.

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