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Chapter 2 - The Big Splash
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     "Drake!" shouted Feathers, "wait for me." Little Feathers paddled as fast as she could, trying to catch up to Drake. The problem with Drake is that he can get so caught up in doing something that he forgets everything else.

     Feathers looked back and the wooden walkway bridge which Mama quackers had warned them not to pass was out of sight. "Hope nothing bad happens," she thought as she got closer to Drake.

    The water in the pond was now getting rough and the sun faded behind some dark clouds. "That darn Drake, I wish he would turn around," Feathers sighed.

     Feathers was now paddling along side Drake. "Do you think we should go back?" she asked.

     "No, just a little farther," Drake replied.

     "Splllllaaaaaaaaasssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh!" All of a sudden just ahead of them a huge splash throws water everywhere. Feathers and Drake are jostled and rocked around. "Oh no," Feathers quacks, not knowing exactly what has happened.

     "We almost got them!" shouts a young voice on the bank of the pond. Feathers looks around and sees two young boys on the edge of the pond, getting ready to throw another large stone into the pond. "Yikes!" Feathers says.

     She looks around and notices
Drake about 10 feet away. He seems startled, his head bobbing back and forth. Drake quacks out in a muffled tone, "quaaaack..."

     A worried Feathers nudges Drake. "Come on, let's get out of here," she says. Drake finally regains his senses, and they both turn and try to fly away to escape the danger close by.

     Feathers easily takes to flight, but notices Drake is not flying beside her. She looks back and sees Drake fall back into the pond. "Quack!" she yells as she turns around and heads back down to where Drake has landed.

     "Come on Drake, we have to get away," she warns.

     "I think it's my wing. It must have been hurt by that
stone," Drake says, trying to spread the wing out.

     "Let's paddle over to the shore,"
Feathers decides, as she looks around and doesn't see the two young stone throwers.

     They make it to the
water's edge and waddle up onto the dry bank. Drake raises his wing and plucks at it with his bill. Feathers stands close by, head stretched looking all around for any dangerous predators or stone throwers.

      The sky was now dark and it looked like it was going to storm. A little
bluebird swoops down and lands close to Feathers. "Hi guys, what's up?" the bluebird asks.

     "He's hurt and I am scared,"
Feathers quacked.

     "My name is BlueBee, short for bluebird. What's your name?" BlueBee asked.

     "I am Feathers and that is Drake," she replied, pointing to a tired Drake. "He got his wing hurt. Someone threw a stone at us and it must have hit him."

     "Must have been the Slinky twins. They are always running around these parts, throwing stuff at anything that moves," BlueBee says. "They have almost gotten me a couple of times."

     "But why do they do that?"
Feathers asks.

     "Nothing better to do, I guess. They don't know that we have feelings too," BlueBee says.

     Feathers suddenly realizes she doesn't know which way leads back to the wooden walkway bridge. She asks BlueBee, "do you know which way to go to get to the wooden walkway bridge?"

    "Which one? There is one that way," BlueBee says pointing a wing, "and there is one that way," he says pointing the other wing in the opposite direction.

    "Oh no,"
Feathers says, "I don't know which way is home."

    "Well, I've got to get going, looks like a storm is brewing," BlueBee says.

    "Crraaaacccckkkkkllllleeeeee!" Moments after BlueBee flies away, a loud crackle sounds and a bright light fills the dark sky.

    Feathers and Drake both echo a loud "Quack!" as the smell of rain is in the air.

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