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Eight year-old Maddie Clifton of Jacksonville, Florida was laid to rest Saturday, November 14, 1998. She was the victim of a senseless murder, her body discovered in the home of a neighbor after a week-long disappearance.

Although I never knew Maddie, I sense the magnitude of this loss and the senselessness of her premature death. Since I have two daughters, I can sense, at least in a small way, the saddness and loss which her family is enduring.

How does anyone make sense of this? How do we make this a defining moment where we learn from this and make things better? How does one turn this awful negative into a positive?

One way is to let this serve as a reminder that each moment in life is so very important and we should not wait to give our love and time to our children and others we love because you never know what tomorrow, or even the next moment, will bring.

Our continued thoughts and prayers to Maddie's family and everyone else that this has affected.

Food for the Soul to all...

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Video dedicated to all those who are taken too soon
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